Wednesday, 17 June 2009


You'l find one whereever you go. What would we do without them, seriously?!

At a random shop @ Mall Road, Mussoorie.

When it rains hail stones out of the blue - nothing quite complements its like hot Jalebi.

Mall Road.

Going to Gun Hill.

@Gun Hill view point.
Couldn't get enough of Mall Road.

A women making offerings at a Gurudwara.

Quite a name for a travel company, no?

A hill station album without school children is incomplete. Period.

Typical hill station stuff.

The affair with Coffee continues.

More Coffee.
An elderly couple. The guy is helping her take the stairs.

Thats Me.

Dingy balcony in an even dingier hotel. But like they say - when there is peace in your heart, you can only see beauty all around.


Leena said...

Nice pics!

Sharad Ragas said...

Nice pics.. what's the poem about?